Jenny & Neil

Newton Hall

I never actually met Jenny & Neil until a month before their wedding, I had often spoke to Jenny on the phone and she always sounded so lovely, I was really looking forward to meeting her. They were sooo laid back on their wedding day. The rain chased us all day, looking at these pictures you really wouldn’t believe it!! Just as Jenny walked down the aisle for her outdoor ceremony the heavens opened , Jenny still kept beaming, the rain eased up and started the second the guys went in for their wedding breakfast, afterwards this didn’t stop us popping to the beach where we were greeted with the most stunning light on the golden sands of Northumberland!

I was honoured to be featured on this stunning international wedding blog alongside some top worldwide photographers.


“It’s cliched but your wedding day is something you look forward to (as a female) for a long time, it takes a lot of planning and hard work to get right, but in the end is the best day of your life and so worth all the effort. I’m so glad that I chose Helen to photograph our wedding, because she captured not just the dress, but all the finer details of the day, in such a beautiful way. The details that occupied my thoughts and time for so long, the ones that I want to remember, because I loved how it all turned out on the day. Another important part of the day to capture is the emotions of not just the bride and groom but your family and guests. Helen did this perfectly, in such a natural way. On the day Helen was very professional and got the shots but was fun and guests commented on how great she was. Thanks Helen for being brill and giving us some amazing, natural and modern wedding photographs”

Dress – Taylor by Victoria Jane (For Ronald joyce). Purchased at Bespoke Brides, Mollington, Chester.

Shoes – Rainbow club, Purchased from Elegant steps, Princess House, Ark Royal Way, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 9HT.

Shoe clips added to shoes from

Head piece – Hand made by a lady who owns the wedding dress shop.

Groom Suit – Hammond and Co. purchased from Debenhams

Flowers – Simply Flowers, Alnwick

Hair – Lisa Cameron

Make up – Amy, Rose and Bird, based in Newcastle

Chair bows and top table decoration – simplybows, based in Northumberland, contact is Janine

Entertainment – The Sonics band (they were amazing, had everyone up dancing all night). They are based in Liverpool but for not much extra travelled up. Found them on

Day time guitarist and singer – ‘The Larks’, based in the North east, found them on AMV website, they learnt our song to walk down the aisle to and were brilliant!


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