Today on the blog I am moving away from weddings, with Mother’s Day fast approaching I thought I would blog one of my family location shoots for you to see.

This was taken the beginning of the month and it was a chilly day but we just wrapped up warm and went for a stroll in the woods.

The idea of these shoots is to document a special day out with the family .

Moving away from the stuffy studio shoots to the outdoors is much more fun for the children, they can play while I capture their portraits naturally! It is also  fun for me as it means I can me more creative, I also love beautiful natural light photography. I finish the images off by processing them in my signature vintage tones.

These shoots are ideal to be presented in a family photo album or on a Fine Art Canvas above your mantel piece.

I will be  holding  Family Portrait Days this year during the Kids Holidays. Your family can participate for free while purchasing your images once you have viewed them!

To purchase a mothers day voucher or  if you would like more information on the portrait days please contact me on


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Rob Simpson
February 27, 2013
They are absolutely lovely. It's going to be tuff to decide which ones to put on display! It was a really lovely day, family days out together are something of a rarity so it was wonderful to do the shoot outside, you made the whole things so easy and unobtrusive fun! Thank you